ParkingYou P+R Schiedam Centrum

This parking is located on 8 minutes walking distance from the trainstation Schiedam and the Centre of Schiedam.

  • directions_walk8min to Schiedam station
  • From € 3,30/u
  • Subscriptions
  • Direct drive-in

About this location

Noorderweg 20, directions route
  • Parkingspots759
  • Max height2.00m


  • Short term parking:  
  • Rate: € 1,10 per 20 minuten  
  • Max. dayrate € 21,50  
  • Rate for Pathé visitors 0-4 uur € 3,75  
  • P+R discount: the discount is only applicable between 05.30-19.00 (Mon-Fri). 

Opening hours

  • Open: every day of the week from 05:15 untill 01:00u  
  • Friday and Saturday from 05:15 untill 02:00 


  • Cameratoezicht Cameratoezicht
  • Elevator Elevator
  • Overdekte garage Overdekte garage
  • Wheelchair access Wheelchair access


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Spacious P+R parking garage located an 8-minute walk from Schiedam Central Station. From here you can easily take public transport to your final destination.

Are you using the P+R OV discount rate? The discount is calculated over the time window from 5:30 am to 7:00 pm (Mon-Fri).

At the payment terminal on the upper parking deck, hold your OV Chip card in front of the chip card reader when paying. If it has detected a public transport ride from Schiedam Center, the discount will be charged.